The Winter Solstice marks the longest night and a return to the light. It is a potent time for setting intentions and celebrating our connection to nature and all beings everywhere. Join Lindsay for a 90 minute yoga experience that is warming, reflective, and celebratory. In this class, we will perform sun salutations to honor the return of the light, invite the light into our bodies with guided breathwork, and sync our breath and movements to the live music designed to help us connect to the more intangible qualities of our practice, such as energy and emotion. This is a deep and sweet practice and the perfect way to celebrate this time of seasonal transition in the world and within ourselves.

About the Musician

Franklin Keel (BM - Eastman School of Music) is the Associate Principal Cello of the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, founding cellist of the Opal String Quartet, and cellist/singer/songwriter for Upland Drive and Sirius.B. He has appeared as a soloist with the Asheville Symphony, the Hendersonville Symphony, the Brevard Philharmonic, and the Blue Ridge Orchestras; and he composes original music for Rarely Theater. He now teaches String Orchestra at Asheville Middle and High School and performs actively across Western North Carolina.